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Baby Showers -
  • Make sure that the new mom comes home to a clean house.  Also, The Cleaning Bee 3 can provide new moms with the assistance they need if they start feeling overwhelmed with the tidiness of their home.  We use solutions that are safe for baby and the rest of the family.
Green Consulting -
  • Have a friend who is interested in being more green, but doesn't have the time to research the best methods for reducing the toxins in their house and ways to easily improve their home's energy efficiency or is just confused by all of the conflicting advice?  Why not give the gift of green? Bekkei is a trained and certified Green Irene Eco-Consultant.  She will provide a number of free tasks to complete and provide a list of suggested solutions to reduce the toxins in and improve the energy efficiency of their home. 
Organization Assistance -
  • Do you have a friend who has let clutter take over his or her life?  Let us help. Sometimes one just needs a little help to lessen the chaos in their home and often times their head.  The Cleaning Bee 3 will help and be confidential.
Room Makeover -
  • Why not treat a friend or yourself to a break?  Don't have the money to makeover a whole room?  Think again.  We have an associate with an eye for layout.  She will come and make you feel like you have a new space, without the huge budget.
Senior Assistance -
  • If you have parents who are elderly that live in the Oshkosh area and you would like to hire us to clean/socialize, this service can be provided.  We know how important it is for individuals to remain socially active as they age.
Plant Service -
  • Have a friend who wants to improve their indoor air quality, but doesn't know where to start?  The Cleaning Bee 3 can help.  We will help pick the best plants based on lighting, if animals or small children are present and ability of new owner to care for the plants.  We will also take into consideration what VOCs may be emitted in your household and pick plants that work to filter those specific VOCs.

Please make your request for gift certificates on the Contact Us page. 

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