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Thank you for visiting The Cleaning Bee 3.  We are a local family owned and operated

environmentally friendly cleaning business.  Our goal is to improve the indoor air

quality of your home or office to make the environment healthier for your family or

fellow employees.  Most of the recipes we use have been in our family for generations.

It makes us happy to not have to clean using chemicals that are harmful for us.  It is a

win win situation.

who can benefit from using The cleaning bee 3?

The Cleaning Bee 3 is a great resource for individuals on the go.  Who has the time or energy to keep their home as clean as they would prefer?  Are you a new mom or dad who is overwhelmed by the duties of parenthood?  We can help alleviate some of the chores that seem to pile up.  Do you have a friend who is falling behind with their cleaning? Why not give a The Cleaning Bee 3 gift certificate  for their baby shower, birthday, anniversary, Mother or Father's Day or just for the heck of it?

The fact that The Cleaning Bee 3 uses environmentally friendly solutions means there will be less toxic chemicals in your home from regular cleaning.  We can also provide a Green Consultation and help you rid your home of the toxins you have relied on in the past.  Waste reduction ideas will be discussed.  The money that can be saved in water and energy costs by implementing some of the solutions Bekkei, a trained and certified Green Irene Eco-Consultant, can provide will help lighten  your stack of bills.  We will suggest new solutions for a healthier future.

Go ahead.  Take a look at our website.  Get to know us better.  When you are comfortable give us a call and set up an initial consultation.  The more we know about your expectations, the more effective we can be.  It's time to breathe a bit easier. It's time to call The Cleaning Bee 3.

old time solutions for a new world

The Cleaning Bee 3 is powered by WPS's NatureWise® Renewable Energy Program.  Are you?  Find out more by using the external link provided.